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Compliance Today Articles and Quizzes

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A list of Compliance Today magazine articles and their corresponding CEU quizzes are listed below, with direct links to the full text on COSMOS.

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MAY 2020

Chasing ambulance compliance | Patrick K. Kennedy

Research compliance audits: Where to begin? | Sharif Fakhr, Draco Forteand, and Nicole Visyak

'Low-hanging fruit' and other recent HIPAA compliance items | Rachel V. Rose and Patrick Ouellette

APRIL 2020

Best practices for responding to internal whistleblowers | Michael A. Morse

Board of directors oversight of skilled nursing facility compliance programs | Todd Selby and Sean Fahey

Telehealth trends and tips for 2020 | Andrea Frey and Jeremy Sherer

MARCH 2020

Training and education: The role that compliance officers play with governing boards Zana Simjanovski

Compliance officer and compliance committee:Your first 100 days | Jan Elezian and Gerry Roy

Primer on informed consent Elizabeth Cameron and Tom Ealey


Proposed Stark and AKS value-based overhauls present new challenges Venson Wallin

Separating compliance and legal, Part 2: Best practices for an effective compliance program | Jack Rovner

Revisiting effectiveness of our SNF compliance programs: Thoughts and tips | Cornelia Dorfschmid and Alexis Rose


Separating Compliance and Legal: Part 1, Best Practices for Defining Expectations and ResponsibilitiesJack A. Rovner

CMS proposes delay & revisions to long-term care regulations | Lester Perling and Jamie Gelfman

Highly compensated physicians and compliance: Considering the complexities | Joe Aguilar and Natalie Bell


Navigating an Integrity Agreement with the OIG: A Resource for Practitioners | Cornelia Dorfschmid and Nicole Caucci

Beneficiary Inducements: Steering Clear of Civil Monetary Penalties Brett D. McNeal

Compliance with items 4(c) and 4(d) of the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act | E.John Steren and Patricia Wagner

November 2019 

Hidden Compliance Risk Area:Patient GrievancesSheila Limmroth

Ambulance Compliance Challenges And The Emergence of Lyft In Healthcare| Renee A. Collier

Drug Diversion Prevention Programs: Do They belong In Compliance | Renee A. Collier

October 2019 

Best Practices For Compliant, Aligned Professional Services Agreements Stan Stephen, Dina Unrath and Thomas Johnston

The Travel Act: State Crimes Become Federal Crimes | Lester J. Perling

The NIST Privacy Framework: An Enterprise Risk Management Tool | Karen Greenhalgh


New Department Of Justice Guidance On Evaluating Corporate Compliance Programs | Thomas E. Herrmann

Reviewing And Monitoring Healthcare Real Estate Arrangements With Referral Sources | Timothy M. Riley, Goran Musinovic, and Gregory P. Gheen

Risks With The Breach Risk Assessment | Yvonne M. Wolters

AUGUST 2019 

Outpatient Therapy: Myths And Risks | Nancy J. Beckley

The Shifting Federal Analysis of Referral Relationships In Healthcare| Stacy Harper

Human Trafficking: Compliance Considerations For Healthcare Professionals | Meagan Parker and Jay Swacker

JULY 2019 

Collecting Information To Ensure Patient Safety Work Product Protections | Paul E. Dwyer and Clint D. Watts

Using A Backbone And Denials Management Solution | Stewart M. Presser and Bryan Exner

Telemedicine: Understanding The FDA's Role In Recent Regulatory And Enforcement Actions | Serra J. Schlanger and Rachael E. Hunt

JUNE 2019 

Proactive Clinical Research Revenue Cycle ComplianceM.A. Hall, Erika Stevens, and Mary Veazie

An Introduction To Information Blocking| Joshua D. Mast

With Every New Year, a New Lookback Period For Medicare Claims Audits| Raja Sékaran


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